If you would like to orgainise your own public community screening - maybe to raise funds for your branch, a local food-bank or charity and/or to attract new members then please either email us or click here to download our 6 steps handy guide. The current list of community screenings of 'Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines' can be found here. 

Comments from those who've run a screening can be found at the end of this page.

Here is what those who have set up a community screening say:

"After seeing a screening of Belonging in Wakefield myself and the Barnsley Momentum vice chair who was with me felt we had a duty to get this important social document aired locally. Momentum members were very keen to see the film as were many others within Barnsley. The turn out was great as was the feedback. Many of the audience went on to buy the dvd. Besides the vital work of bringing this truth to as many people possible we were also able to raise almost £200 for our group that night". Momentum Barnsley.