★★★★☆THIS passionate, pertinent and impressively thorough documentary from debut director Morag Livingstone takes a comprehensive look at the events that surrounded three industrial disputes. They involve three decades and three governments, but share a common thread of a threat to collectivism, democracy and sense of belonging, within trade unions in particular and the UK population as a whole.directed by Morag Livingstone in her first feature-length documentary, shines a spotlight on three different industrial disputes over three decades, and how the media, government and big business colluded to suppress human rights and democracy … MORE Ross Miller: Scottish National Newspaper Film Critic.

Review and Interview by Hajera Blagg, of UniteLiveThe power of belonging:

Must-see film for trade unionists. Belonging: the Truth Behind the Headlines is an explosive new documentary investigating where real power lies in this country – and never has a release been more timely than now.  More...

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