• WINNER:  Constuir Cine Special Jury Prize: The London Labour International Film Festival
  • WINNER Best Documentary: Cardiff International Film Festival 
  • Shortlist: Best National Film: The London Labour International Film Festival
  • Official Selection: The Wirral international Film Festival
  • Official Selection: CSDocuFest (Stirling, Scotland)
  • Official Selection, Market: Social World Film Festival (Italy)
  • Official Selection: Constuir Cine, Argentina: International Documentary (May 2018)


★★★★☆THIS passionate, pertinent and impressively thorough documentary from debut director Morag Livingstone takes a comprehensive look at the events that surrounded three industrial disputes. They involve three decades and three governments, but share a common thread of a threat to collectivism, democracy and sense of belonging, within trade unions in particular and the UK population as a whole.directed by Morag Livingstone in her first feature-length documentary, shines a spotlight on three different industrial disputes over three decades, and how the media, government and big business colluded to suppress human rights and democracy … MORE Ross Miller: Scottish National Newspaper Film Critic.

★★★☆☆  MIRO MAGAZINE  A broad and objective look at one of the UK’s most controversial questions, namely, where the true seat of power really lies in the UK ... ultimately it is an incredibly revealing watch. As we head closer and closer to the privatisation of services we can’t help but take for granted in the UK, it’s valuable to be equipped with as much information as possible and to take some inspiring advice from those that have actually made a difference.  Full Review


"Why Belonging is such an important film ... The film works on many levels – providing evidence of a concerted effort to destroy the power of unions, telling the stories of individuals caught in the crossfire and showing how trade unions provide the sense of community and “belonging” of the title. It explores ... MORE

MEDIA: UNION NEWS "We have a real problem with a rogue trade unionist at Grangemouth who nearly brought the Scottish petrochemical Industry to its knees”.  It’s four years since David Cameron ... MORE

MEDIA: Review and Interview by Hajera Blagg, of UniteLive: The power of belonging:

Must-see film for trade unionists. Belonging: the Truth Behind the Headlines is an explosive new documentary investigating where real power lies in this country – and never has a release been more timely than now.  More...

Conspiracy theory is Conspiracy fact: Interview with Director Morag Livingstone 

Belonging: The Truth Behind the Headlines is a new documentary by Morag Livingstone. Initially inspired by the 2013 dispute at Grangemouth oil refinery and its media coverage and political response, the final film also addresses Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of the Times and Sunday Times and subsequent protests by the papers’ printing staff in 1986, and the strike which followed the sacking in 2007 of twelve workers at Burslem postal depot. What emerges More ...